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Raptors Baseball Community:

Thank you to so, so many who helped make the 2018 Bombers for Bones Home Run Derby & Skills Competition a huge success!  This year together everyone helped raise $42,450!!!!

Scott Burgess - "Heartfelt thank you to all participants, sponsors, volunteers and everyone who helped us fight FOP. This event is the most important thing we do every year and we simply could not have done it alone. We are extremely blessed to have you all in our life and when Caleb said it was the best day of his life, it made the grind worth all of it..Thank you all again and we love you all very much. We will let you know the total amount raised when everything gets tallied but because of you all, lives will be changed for the better."

Congratulations to the following winners of each of the events.  Please contact bombersforbones@gmail.com to coordinate pick up of award/s:



7 and under: Ty Dean and Toby Hunt (tie)
8 yo: Tyce Harlcy
9 yo: Charlie Jaeger
10 yo: “Camo” Smerey
11 yo: Brody Ceyrolles
12 yo: Alex Wilson
13 yo: Parker Hanson
14 yo: Jackson Kendall
15 yo: Griffin Crawford and Ben Campbell (tie)
16+17 yo: Noah Prince
18+ : Reggie Williams



7 and under:

Fastest Pitch: Noah Harvey
Bases: Noah Harvey
Accurate: River Ackman and Cooper Snyder (tie)



Fastest Pitch: Cody Dean and Tyce Harvey (tie)
Bases: Cody Dean
Accuracy: Ian Wilson



Fastest Pitch: Charlie Jaeger
Bases: Charlie Jaeger
Accuracy: Caleb Greiner



Fastest Pitch: Colton Pamenter
Bases: Jack Bontragger
Accurate: Griffin Widhalm and Logan Farley



Fastest Pitch: Matthew Potter
Bases: Johnny Drury
Accurate: Brian Kinne



Fastest Pitch: Ben Knox
Bases: Braydon Jacob
Accuracy: Jacob Kinne




Fastest Pitch: Irwin Ortega
Bases: Brayden Harvey
Accuracy: Irwin Ortega, Andrew Sorensen and Hank Chabot




Fastest Pitch: Jackson Kendall



Fastest+Accuracy: Griffin Crawford
Bases: Colton Thewes



All: Luke Bartolf




Fastest Pitch: Brad Kendall
Bases: Ken Osoba
Accuracy: Cameron Newell



To the Burgess family who endures everyday challenges and an unknown road ahead know that fire inside you is greater than the one around you, for it's your strength and passion which will guide you though in the toughest of times. You are truly an inspiration to so many!! We are all behind you cheering you on.


Please check out this events story link as covered by Fox31 2017:



104.3 The Fan: 



CBS Channel 4:




-Meagan Lang | Director of Baseball